Suspension Lights

Discover our wide range of modern and contemporary suspension lights. Also known as pendant lights, hanging lights, and sometimes chandeliers, suspension lights are a great way to illuminate a room without taking up much space. When it comes to designer suspension lights UK consumers have a lot of choice, we offer a wide range of pendant suspension lights to suit any taste and budget.

Contemporary lighting can be utilised in many ways to improve the atmosphere of your home. Suspension lights can also be used to accentuate the focal point of a room; by fitting a light above something such as a dining table, the appearance can be enhanced significantly, and an extra emphasis can be added to the piece. Suspension lights can be used anywhere in the home, no matter the size of the room because they take up no floor space, this makes them ideal for apartments and townhouses. For larger homes suspension light clusters should be considered, when done right they can be very aesthetically pleasing, they are also great for illuminating large rooms.