Our Favourite 2017 Design Trends

2017 has been another great year for interior design, with both new trends and some old favourites making a return. In this feature, we will review some of Kontenta’s favourite seasonal 2017 design trends.


A touch of the 80s

Spring saw the classic design trends of the 80s make a return to our homes, including movements such as Memphis and Pop Art.

Implementing this style back into modern day interiors was tricky, and you had to be clever to work this design into your home


When delving into this trend, key advise was to keep the styling as minimal as possible unlike the image above, with popular additions to the home being ceramics and textiles.

So why was this one of our favourite 2017 design trends?

Although you had to be careful not over do the style, when correctly incorporated, the patterns and bright geometrics added a sense of fun and character to a rooms interior.

Deep Jewel Tones

Another trend we couldn’t get enough of in spring was for textile accessories, such as cushions and throws.

We saw deep jewelled tones add a sense of character to both bedroom and living room furniture, with hues of emerald green, amethyst and pastel colours being firm favourites amongst designers.

We loved this trend as we thought it broke some laws of design such as “this colour and that colour should never be put together”.


Botanical Print

As we moved into summer, we saw a resurgence of botanical prints making their mark in the interiors world.

This continuing trend was a particular favourite of ours, bringing with it a touch of summer indoors.



We especially loved how these bold prints worked wonderfully as part of a feature wall, and once paired with the right furniture pieces they made a room look fantastic.

This trend may have not been an easy one to pull off, but whether you went for minimal or maximum, this was a trend that could easily be incorporated in any home.

Heavenly Weaves

Woven furniture was one of the favoured trends of summer 2017, being particular popular in conservatories and out houses.

Materials such as rattan, added a time worn effect that created a sense of modern and casual living.

Beautifully crafted woven furniture was a multifunctional favourite of ours, perfect for summer parties, with its indoor and outdoor use.


A Touch of Velvet

In autumn of 2017, we saw a delight of the 1970s make its way back into 2017 design trends.

Velvet is a luxurious material, that was mainly seen trending in bedroom interiors, upholstering stunning bed frames and adding a touch of glamour to bed side tables.


2017 saw the material add a much-needed warmth to our rooms for the colder months. Autumnal shades were extremely popular, deep cranberry, soft chestnut, and burnt oranges created an atmospheric touch.

Back to Nature

Autumn, also saw us reconnect with natural materials, with wooden furniture becoming a favoured choice.

Wooden interiors are widely known to already be a popular choice in homes across the world, with the most popular being oak and pine as they are the most adaptable to interiors.

Solid oak and pine proved to be the key wooden materials in the autumnal months.


Japanese Minimalism

The minimalism of Japanese architecture was an inspired trend during winter 2017 and going into the New Year.



The burning of timber to create durable and stunning black cladding (or the art of Shou Sugi Ban) is what designers and architects chose to feature in their winter collections.

We loved this trend, particularly in kitchens and dining rooms, as we found its clean lines, artisan craft, and natural materials harmonious.

Precious Stones

In 2016, we saw stones such as marble and malachite become popular during the winter months, and whilst these continue to be popular, the addition of agate and quartz has been greatly received by the design world.

This winter we have seen an increase in the use of agate and quartz, especially rose quartz which has been proven popular in Feng Shui homes.

The balancing and healing energy agate and quartz can provide, creates a soothing atmosphere in any household.

These precious stones, especially agate offer great characteristics that can reveal mysterious shapes, forms and layers, a reason why we have chosen it as one of our favourite winter trends of 2017.

2017 Design Trends in Conclusion

2017 has seen old trends return, whilst some firm favourites from 2016 continued to be made popular choices throughout the year.

These are just a few of our personal favourites from last year, and we’d love to know which trends you thought should have made the list.






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Luke is a marketing and social media analyst as well as being part of the content team at Kontenta. Most of his time is spent in office researching new design trends. During his free time, Luke enjoys playing the bass guitar and watching live music.