Kitchen Storage Inspiration

It’s always important to keep your kitchen clutter free. There’s nothing worse than inviting family round for dinner with clutter all over the worktops and other surfaces.
At Ice Interiors, we’ve researched 27 genius space saving kitchen storage ideas that will help you be more organised on a daily basis.
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1. Custom Pantry – This storage solution for your kitchen is perfect for putting everything in one space saving you masses amount of space around the kitchen.
2. Under sink Drawer – This genius storage helps de-clutter underneath your sink with a pull out drawer to store all your cleaning products.
3. Deep Cabinet Organiser – The Pull out pantry opens with cabinet door racks, two on the cupboard door and two on rollers making it perfect for storing groceries and easy to navigate.
4. Corner Drawer – This creative drawer design was made for awkward corners in the kitchen.  The three drawers run diagonally making deeper storage space for pots and pans etc.
5. Utensil Drawer – This pull out drawer is an easy DIY trick perfect for storing utensils. Find a deep empty drawer, cut some holes and place some stainless steel pots in order to hold your utensils.
6. Pull out Bins – This great simple design allows you to save space in your home by hiding your rubbish bin with a pull out drawer that allows you to store up to two bins. There is also a mini storage unit where you can store bin bags and other cleaning products.
7. Appliance Garage – You always want your worktop to be clutter-free which is why an appliance garage is a relevant design your home would benefit from, it can store toasters, blenders and mixers nearby but out of sight.
8. Rolling Cabinet or Cart – This amazing design is great for both storage and acting as an extra worktop and even is some cases a chopping board that fits underneath your worktop. It has wheels making it easy move around the kitchen and also has a large storage area.
9. Herbs and Spices Drawer – This design has a pull out vertical side drawer for your herbs and spices. The design is very practical making cooking in the kitchen simpler for you.
10. Kitchen Mail Station – This is a very unique kitchen design idea. By using kitchen cupboards and draws you can make a mail station helping you keep your mail organised rather than cluttering your home. It can also be used as workstation.
11. Dish Drawer – The pull out deep draw helps you store all you dishes of all shapes and sizes from dinner plates to saucers. The pieces of wood in the drawer divide the plates by size making it easy to find the plate you need.
12. Pet Bowls – If you have a pet then this ingenious design is for you. Instead of buying food and water bowls this intelligent design allows you to build your own pet bowls into your kitchen centre piece stopping your pet getting in the way whilst you’re cooking.
13. Floating Shelves – You can either buy these shelves made from wood or stainless steel and is perfect for placing cooking dishes or any other kitchen equipment giving you that extra little bit of space.
14. Pull Out Shelves – These shelves make storing your pots and pans more efficient. The shelves are on runners so when you open your cupboard doors, your collection of pans are there and ready for use.
15. Baking Drawer – This brilliant design is perfect for your baking equipment. The drawer has six individual spaces to fit equipment such as muffin tins, broiler pans, cooling racks and cookie sheets.
16. Shop Display – Instead of using cupboards to store all your kitchen items, you can easily copy off a shop display and exhibit items on shelves. Not only will it make your kitchen look unique but it will save you space around the kitchen.
17. Under sink Shelving – Instead of having a pull out draw underneath your sink you also have the option of shelving to store all your cleaning products keeping workspaces clutter-free.
18. Pull Out Chopping Board – This intelligent yet simple design maximises cooking space. Instead of storing chopping boards in your kitchen area, you can simply pull out a chopping board just like a drawer.
19. Fake Drawers – Make extra storage by making the most of your fake drawers. Adding hinges to your fake drawers and adding a plastic basket means that small kitchen essentials such as sponges can be stored and out of the way.
20. Bookshelf – This is a great design for the kitchen as it gives you a place to keep all cookery books and other necessary kitchen books stored away and easy to find.
21. Environmentally Friendly Bin – Another pull out bin design idea but instead of having one rubbish bin why not have four environmentally bins having a different colour for each purpose such as green for paper, blue for cans and yellow for plastic.
22. Fruit and Vegetable Storage – Instead of having a fruit bowl or storing your vegetables in your cupboards, this ingenious design allows you store everything in three pull out deep drawers.
23. Making use of Cupboard Doors – Add extra storage to cupboards by simply hanging a magnetic rack to your cupboard and you can keep herbs and spices etc in a small metal tin.
24. Multiple Drawer Storage – This amazing design save masses of space in the kitchen as all you need is drawers and no cupboards to take up all your space. The drawers are able to store all cutleries, cooking and baking equipment as well as much more.
25. Hidden Appliances – Appliances take up most of your room in the kitchen, with this brilliant design you are able to hide your appliances such as washing machines. You are also able to store belongings that always seem to clutter your home such as first aid boxes etc.
26.Hidden Walk-in Pantry – The hidden pantry is a great design as when it’s closed it looks like a stylish cabinet. The walk-in pantry has a huge storage space to hold all your groceries and the cabinet itself is great for storing plates and bowls.
27. Huge Storage Unit – This storage unit is designed around the fridge so effectively everything is one place. The unit consists of three small cupboards at the top, one large spacious cupboard at both sides and three pull out drawers at either side. As everything is one place the amount of space you save is enormous.
Which storage idea captures your imagination? Let us know in the comments below!
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