Children just love making and creating things. As well as helping or assisting their parents with jobs and tasks around the home.

Not only does it give them a feeling of independence, but it is also a superb way of spending quality time together as a family.

Doing craft activities jointly is an ideal way for the family to spend time away from the TV, tablets and mobile phones – and free from distraction and screen time.

Getting children involved in making and creating home décor is such fun, and means that your family home becomes a little lighter and brighter, bespoke and much more personal.

Crafts and activities involving the kids don’t have to be messy either! There are lots of easy ways to create child friendly home décor and get them involved in activities that are fun and safe, and very inexpensive. Creating pieces that you can be proud of, keep forever and treasure for years to come.

Here are 5 perfect ways to get the children involved in making and creating child friendly home décor, in and around the family house:

#1 – Children’s personalised wall art

Get your child (or children) to paint or draw on a large piece of craft paper, or on a blank, white canvass, (you can pick both of these up from craft shops or homeware stores).

Perhaps let them paint with their handprints or footprints, or simply with a paintbrush or crayons. Or maybe add stickers and glitter! Then name and date the piece, frame the paper, or hang the canvass on the wall.

This would look great in a playroom, kitchen or home office. Not only does this activity get the children involved but it is an original, bespoke piece that no one else will own! As shown here.

#2 – Get creative with letters

You can buy plain letters (such as A, B, C) from craft shops, that are very inexpensive.

Either spray paint them (with silver or gold, perhaps) or cover them with fabric using a fabric staple gun.

Getting the first letters of your children’s names is such a nice idea and gets them interested in their own artwork as well as learning the alphabet.

Children will love to create their own unique accessories for the home. These would look nice in a living room, hallway or in their own bedrooms.

#3 – Super storage

Cover the outside of an old plastic tub or a small box with comic pages, and make a superhero storage box!

Comic Storage Boxes

Not only will this get the children involved in creating but they will love tidying up all of their toys too!

All you need is some glue to attach, and the children will love selecting their favourite characters to display on the box! Alternatively you could use different coloured wrapping, or craft paper.

#4 – Paper bunting

Giving older children scissors and the responsibility to cut out shapes can be very rewarding, and helps further with their hand-eye coordination.

Create pretty bunting for the home using ribbon or string and attach card, felt or tissue paper bunting triangle shapes.

Paper Bunting

You can make different ones depending on the season too – for example floral bunting in summer or orange and black felt at Halloween. Or use pink or blue, or themed ideas for kid’s rooms.

Maybe even add your family name across the bunting, or the first letters of all of your names. Such a great way to add a real personal touch, colour and warmth into your home décor.

#5 – Don’t forget the birds

Providing a food source for birds is not only a great way to help your local wildlife, it also encourages birds to visit your garden.

You can buy a wide variety of feeding balls to keep your feathered friends happy, but making your own is simple, low-cost and a lovely activity for the kids.

Simply mix birdseed into a bowl with melted lard or suet and then pop them into yoghurt tubs to set in the fridge.

The children will love to stand at the window and watch the birds visit your garden and eat the food – and it helps to make the garden look a little prettier too! See more here.


Crafts in and around the home don’t have to be boring, expensive or down to one person in the family. Get the whole household involved and away from the technology!

Letting children help to make items really develops their learning, brings the family together and means that everyone has plenty of fun in the process!

Plus with some of the above ideas you get to make irreplaceable and memorable home décor pieces that you can love forever – and the children will be proud to have been involved in the process.

So what are you waiting for? Time to get making and creating!

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