Do you ever struggle to sleep in a room that simply “doesn’t feel right”?

Ice Interiors may have just solved your sleeping problem…

Your bedroom should be a den of tranquility, a temple in which to drift away into a perfect slumber.

Sometimes little things like a stray chair here or a misplaced pillow there can really affect your mind-set. Tormenting your tired state and keeping you awake for hours, disturbing precious snoozing time.

These things can seriously affect your sleeping patterns. So why not remedy this invisible frustration with the introduction of Feng Shui?

Feng Shui, pronounced “fung-shway“, is simply the art of placement.

It is the process of changing a room’s energy flow to create a more comfortable and harmonious environment. It balances out the Wind (feng) and Water (Shui) elements the ancient Chinese believed were the key to good fortune.

With help from Master Sarah McAllister, of the Feng Shui Agency; here’s our guide to understanding how to get a better night’s sleep using simple Feng Shui techniques.


Feng Shui Infographic Part 1

Feng Shui Infographic Part 1

Steps To Create A Feng Shui Bedroom

1. Make sure no electronics are in the room – TV, Laptops etc.

Electronics in the bedroom destroys a bedroom and also creates high EMF’s which is bad for your health. They can also bring the stress of work etc. into the bedroom.

No electronics creates a peaceful place to lay your head.

2. Air Quality.

Breathing in quality air is a key factor when it comes to a Feng Shui bedroom. Make sure windows are open as often as possible to ensure clean air is filtering into your room. There is also the option of an air purifier.

You cannot have a Feng Shui bedroom if the air in the room is stale and full of pollutants. Essential oils can also help with this purifying the air you breathe.

Plants are not ideal unless you have a large bedroom.

3. Three Rules for your Feng Shui Bed.

  • Ensure you have easy access in and out of your bed at both sides.
  • At both sides of your bed have 2 bedside tables provide balance.
  • Avoid placing you bed in line with your bedroom door.

Creating the perfect relaxing  Feng Shui environment is all about creating a good looking and well balanced bedroom.

A good mattress with a solid head board is vital as well as having high quality sheets from natural fibres in order to create peaceful Feng Shui.

The master craftsmanship of an Ice Interiors Bedframe can offer just that!

4. What Colours Should I Use In A Feng Shui Bedroom?

Using soothing colours is what’s recommended if you are to create a Feng Shui Bedroom.

The best colours to use are the so called skin colours which is anything from a pale white to a rich chocolate brown.

Again it is about the getting the balance right when it comes to colours.

Feng Shui Infographic Part 2

Feng Shui Infographic Part 2

5. Bedroom Art

When choosing bedroom art, you need be sure the art is right for your own personal needs. By this I mean choose art that makes you feel happy and energetic.

Unless you like feeling sad and lonely don’t choose images that are sad and lonely.

Proven bedroom art that works in a Feng Shui bedroom is images related emotions of love, happy relationships, body healing and intimacy

6. Bedroom Lighting Is Key

When it comes to lighting in the bedroom, the advise is to have several levels of lighting with a dimmer switch.

Lighting is a number 1 nutrient and our greatest source of energy in a room. Good appropriate levels of lighting can create an healing atmosphere.

Candles are the most popular light source with Feng Shui lovers. They not only clear the bad energy but the create a very warm and intimate ambiance.

Make sure you always check that the candles are toxin free.

7. Enclose Bedroom Energy.

Make sure all bedroom, wardrobe and en suite doors closed during your sleeping period.

Closed doors allows sustaining energy to flow which will strengthen your health as well the health of your relationship.

Having a clean, well organised wardrobes and drawers, will also create a further sense the peace and calm in the Bedroom.

Feng Shui Inforgraphic Part 3

Feng Shui Inforgraphic Part 3

Will a Feng Shui Bedroom Suit You?

The idea of a Feng Shui bedroom may divide opinions with people, but what they will have in common is creating a pleasurable and dreamy room

This type of bedroom should reflect what it is you desire whether it be intimacy, healing or relaxation etc.

If these aren’t your vibes, then Feng Shui is not for you.

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