Innermost are a modern lighting company founded in 1999. After gaining recognition in the designer lighting industry, Innermost have become increasingly popular with retailers, hence why you can now find their products here at Kontenta. With a diverse range of innovative products there is something for everyone.


The Circus range is a simple yet original design inspired by a circus tent. Available in a range of sizes, and in either white or black coated aluminium; both with a golden interior, this range is great for a modern simplistic home. My preference is the large pendant light – which is most similar to a circus tent. It looks great above a dining table, adding quality to the room without being too striking as to take too much attention away from the rest of the room. It is just a great addition, and it can fit in seamlessly due to the simplicity of it.


The quirky Jeeves & Wooster range evokes feelings of admiration as you remember the iconic figures who have famously worn the hats which these lights are inspired by. Names like Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, and Charlie Chaplin come to mind when looking at these lights. Whether you’re looking for an eccentric ┬átalking point for your room, or if you’re just a fan of the iconic design, this light could be perfect or you. The Jeeves bowler hat pendant light is a personal favourite, it looks great above the dining table. It’s a great talking point at dinner parties while also accentuating the dining table due to its golden inner shell which gives off a unique golden shine.


The Portland pendant light is a unique piece, its design is very innovative as is the choice of material; concrete. This could be a great addition to the living room or hallway as its rugged texture adds an industrial chic edge to the room, while not being too dominating as to change the overall feel. The light is available with a range of interiors colours; my preferred interior colour is red, as I like the slight red ora emitted when the light is on.


The Facet range is an impressive collection of stunningly imposing lights. If the chandeliers are within budget then I would definitely recommend them. While the price could be considered to be at a premium they are of exceptional quality and they will be a great focal point in your hallway or dining room. My favourite chandelier would be the Lozenge chandelier, I really like the unique design and the way it reflects an image of its surroundings, almost as if it were crystal or glass. It also emits a golden glow when on, which further adds to its great aesthetic. If this is out of budget or simply too imposing, I would strongly recommend the pendant light, while it isn’t as impressive as its much larger counterparts, it does a great job of emphasising the focal point of a room, it also has a stunning translucent glow.


Taking its name from a fairground carousel, the Carousel pendant light by Innermost is a truly intriguing design. With its thin fabric frame, the light shines through creating a stunning glow. This light is great at adding to the ambience of a room, making it great in any room. Available in two colours, my favourite would certainly be the dark shade as the glow is more evident and the colours are generally more impressive. However the light shade may be preferable in a lighter room.


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Luke is a marketing and social media analyst as well as being part of the content team at Kontenta. Most of his time is spent in office researching new design trends. During his free time, Luke enjoys playing the bass guitar and watching live music.