Why We Love Oak Furniture at Ice Interiors.

At Ice Interiors one of our favourite types of furniture is Solid Oak. With many different styles and variations of oak furniture each individual piece is truly unique.

Also as materials go, if you want the most robust furniture then oak is definitely worth considering and offers a great amount of benefits.


Sometimes when you pay a lot of money for your home furniture, you don’t want to have to keep spending more money to maintain it. This is where Solid Oak furniture beats most other materials as you only ever really need to polish or re-oil your furniture twice a year.

Re-oiling your oak ensures your furniture looks as good as new and keeps that warm new look glow. It also means you can buff out any areas that may have been scratched over the time of use.

Although maintaining your oak furniture only needs to be done around twice per year, it is important is done and treated with care. Oak will part of your interiors for a very long time if not abused and is great value for money.dsherwood-solid-oak


Solid oak furniture is one of the most strong and durable in the market. The strength can be seen in the amount of weight it can hold. For example bookcases can hold hundreds of books; TV units can hold large TVs.

You may be able to find similar cheaper alternatives that will last a few months, but the fact of the matter is Oak furniture will last for years and never fail to do its job.

Another show of oak’s durability is its ability to resist most stains and scratches due the sheer solidness of the wood surface. It’s no secret that Oak Furniture is great if you pets or young children.



The great thing about an oaks appearance is that it may look classic and traditional but there is no doubt it can fit into almost any interior style. The natural unique characteristics solid oak furniture has to offer are beautiful and bring a sense of nature in doors.

The amount of finishes that oak has to offer is incredible. Oiled and lacquer finishes are available all in different variations of colour which makes every oak piece unique to just you.

In recent years we have notice how some oak ranges are now combining materials to create a modern appearance. The Tobin range for example uses high pressure laminate over MDF doors with a beautiful solid oak frame.tobin-solid-oak-furniture

The variations of appearance options for this range are amazing with options of glass doors, oak cut outs or simply plain painted doors.


The amount of choice that is on offer for oak furniture is endless and you know it is going to look beautiful and last the test of time.

Solid oak has options of the bedroom, living room and dining room. And because of the nature of the oak material the furniture can go with anything without looking out of place.

As already discussed you have the option of finishes and most solid oak pieces are made to order which means you create a piece of furniture specifically for you.

So here are just a couple of reasons why we love Oak Furniture at Ice Interiors. It is an excellent choice of material that is strong, durable and stylish. Because of the longevity of the this material, Oak furniture is definitely worth the investment.

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