Planning for Christmas can be one of the most costly and stressful times of the year.

So why not save some extra pennies, and Do It Yourself this Christmas?

At Kontenta we’ve shortlisted some amazing DIY Gift and Decoration ideas, that can easily be re-created at home.

Creating a wreath:

A real symbol of Christmas, this festive wreath is traditionally hung on front doors, as sign of welcome during the holiday will need:

  • Several Branches of Evergreen
  • Coat Hangers
  • Floral Wire
  • Additional Decorations

To start, you will need a base to hold the wreath in place. Two coat hangers, when bent correctly and taped together, can be used to create the circular shape of the wreath.

Once you have created the base, it’s time to cut several branches of the evergreen trimmings.  Cut as many as you need to fully cover the base. Using floral wire, you will then need to securely tie the branches on to the coat hanger base.

When adding further decoration, secure them tightly with hot glue or more floral wire.Christmas-gift-idea

Add a touch of sparkle to your staircase:

Now you’ve added a homemade wreath to your home, it’s time to go one step further this festive season and spruce up your staircase with a handcrafted Christmas will need:

  • Several Branches of Evergreen
  • Length of Heavy Rope
  • Floral Wire
  • Additional Decorations

To create this traditional Christmas garland, firstly measure your staircase so you know what length of greenery you will need to make.

Then, like the Christmas Wreath, simply secure small branches of evergreen cuttings to a length of heavy rope. Secure this tightly with floral wire.

Stick down any further decorations, such as pine cones, baubles and ribbons with hot glue.

Securely tie to your staircase using floral wire.

Holiday Shakers:

Even the smallest items can be made into a charming little Christmas will need:

  • Salt & Pepper Shakers
  • Plastic Figurine
  • Hot Glue

To start, simply remove the top from your Salt & Pepper shakers, and temporarily decant all of the contents.

From there, place a small plastic Christmas figurine inside the shaker, using hot glue to stick the figurine into place.

Add the contents back into the shakers and secure the top back into

Tree Wall Shelf:

Perfect for storing small Christmas gifts and accessories, why not make yourself a Christmas Wall Shelf?christmas-tree-wall-shelfYou will need:

  • Strips of Wood
  • Hand Saw
  • Instant Bond Wood Adhesive and Activator
  • Hook

To create your unique Christmas shelf, carefully measure and draw out the triangular shapes of the Christmas tree. Don’t forget the shelves to go between the triangles!

Once measured correctly cut these out using a hand saw. Double check all the pieces fit together before you glue the wood together. Instant bond wood adhesive and activator is recommended for the best results. Apply this to every joint.

Once dry, attach a strip of wood to the back of your Christmas tree. This strip should be slightly longer than the tree to support the tree stump which you should glue on once the joints have dried.

Once dry wipe clean and apply a hook to the back of the tree to hang on your wall.

Photo Wreath:

A Christmas Photo Wreath is a perfect Christmas decoration to reminisce about past holiday will need:

  • Wooden Wreath
  • Picture Frames
  • Floral Wire

To create your Photo Wreath, firstly, remove the easels from the back of your picture frames, this allows the frames to lay flat on your wooden wreath.

The hinges should remain attached to the frame. Thread floral wire through these hinges, pulling the wire tight to stabilize the frames onto the wreath.

Once the wire is threaded through all the picture frames, tie the ends of the wire around the wreath, tucking the ends into the wreath.

You should add as many picture frames as you can. Allow overlapping until you can no longer see the wreath the frames are connected

Dining Chair Decorations:

If it’s your turn to host the Family Christmas dinner, then why not impress your guests by decorating your dining table and chairs.dining-chair-decorationYou Will Need:

  • Red & White Fabrics
  • Sewing kit
  • Upholstery Thread
  • Hot Glue

Kids will love these chair decorations, and not only will they give your dining room that extra Christmas finishing touch, but they will also disguise any mismatched dining chairs.

To make your own cover, simply measure the backrest of your dining chair. Draw the measurements out on the red fabric and cut out 2 layers. Make sure you leave enough fabric to cut the top edge into a triangular shape, this will then hang over the back of the chair.

Place them together, and sew along the edges and triangular top, remembering to leave the bottom edge, as this will go over the dining chair.

Using white fabric, cut out a short layer, this needs to be the same width as your red fabric. Place this at the base of your red fabric and neatly sew together.

With your remaining white fabric, cut out some long strips, which when tied together with upholstery thread will act as the pom-pom on the back of the seat cover. Once you have your pom-pom, insert a blob of hot glue into the centre and stick down onto the point of your triangle, nice and tight.

If you’ve had a go at your own DIY Gifts and Decorations. Let us know the results in the comments section below!

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