Back in August, we were contacted by ITV to be part of the new series for Peter Andre’s 60 Minute Makeover. It’s only until now that we have seen the amazing results, the episode was aired on Friday 28th December at 2pm on ITV 1.

Official ITV 60mm Makeover Suppliers

Interior design expert and upcycling specialist, Leah Hughes, teamed up with Peter Andre and the 60 mm team to give mother of two, Kerry, a makeover of a lifetime. It came as quite a shock when she turned up at her home and Pete was waiting to greet her.

Peter Andre 60 Minute Makeover

Kerry had gone through a hard time after splitting up with her partner 3 years ago, and she was forced to give up her job as an accounts manager when she became ill. Thankfully, Kerry is now on the mend and she has now hit the next chapter in her life, and what better than a free home makeover to spring her in to a new beginning!

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Bookcase 60 Minute Makeover

Kontenta teamed with various other UK companies to give Kerry a makeover she would never have dreamed of. The interior design specialists decided that the rather distressed Aspen bookcase would be a perfect addition to the new scheme in the dining/living area.

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