It’s Time to Plan Your First Home

When making that big decision to buy your first home, it’s essential you make the right decisions.

We have gathered some ideas to give you an insight of how to design your new home in style.

Planning the Layout

New Home Design

Truthful self-assessment of needs and requirements hold the key to successful planning, particularly of small spaces.

If you are in full-time employment, your home will essentially function as a place of retreat in the evenings and weekends. Think about getting rid of conventional room arrangements to create an informal, open layout.

On the other hand, if you need to work at home part of the time, a dedicated workspace is essential. This means you may have to build in at least some degree of separation between your living and working environment.

Create An Open Layout

Open Layout Home

Open layouts make a great deal of sense at this stage.

If you own your property and can afford to carry out simple structural alterations. You might want to consider knocking down walls between rooms to promote a freer, more adaptable internal arrangement.

Open layouts go hand in hand with fitted storage and to some extent fitted furniture.

The most elegant solutions usually require some professional design input. This may be costly but could well be worth the investment, especially if you expect to stay put for some time.

Utilize Your Kitchen Space

If you’re not a particularly enthusiastic cook, it makes sense to restrict kitchen facilities to the minimum. By the same token, if your entire social life takes place away from home and you tend to eat out a great deal, there is no real need to devote a large space to a kitchen.

A Small Kitchen can actually be highly efficient, provided they are properly planned.

Where space is limited, fitted layouts are the much best solution. A single-line kitchen, with appliances slotted under a worktop and wall-hung units is neat, efficient and unobtrusive.

Utilize a Compact Bathroom

In a first home, the bathroom may not only be the ‘smallest room’, it may be positively minute.

However, there are a number of less costly and disruptive ways of easing the pressure on bathroom space.

Replacing a door that opens inward with a sliding panel or screen, substituting a shower for a bath or installing wall hung sinks can make a cramped bathroom seem that little roomier.

Converting a bathroom into a fully waterproofed wet room is perhaps on of the more practical ways of making the most of a small area.

Choosing The Correct Flooring

Laminate Flooring

The floor is a defining element in the interior, representing a substantial surface area.  However, this means that new flooring can often be costly, especially once fitting and underlay have been taken into account.

Wood laminate may not be as authentic as solid wood floors, but it is cheap and easy to lay. If you prefer the comfort, warmth and sound insulating qualities of carpet or natural-fibre weaves underfoot, look out for suppliers selling remnants or discontinues ranges.

Light Up Your New Home

Home Lighting

One of the cheapest ways of changing the atmosphere is by improving lighting, both artificial and natural. You cannot change the basic orientation of your home, but you can enhance the amount of daylight by keeping windows relatively uncovered.

Where artificial light is concerned, the key is to increase the number of light sources in a room as well as varying the direction of light. A single, central source, such as a pendant light, has a deadening effect on atmosphere. Reflecting light from ceilings or walls by using angles spots will also enhance spaciousness.

Sharing Your New Home

Shared Home

Setting up a new home for the first time is all about enjoying your own territory and expressing your own design tastes.

However, when creating your new home with a partner or housemate you may find yourself coming up against very different notions of decor and design.

A shared home should express joint interests. That may mean redecorating or making a few new purchases together in a way that suits both people. Purchasing a new sofa for example is important for long-term harmony.

Avoidably, sharing a home means double the stuff. On a purely practical level, pooling your belongings may simply mean discarding duplicate items after hanging on to whichever is the better quality.

Optimize Your Outdoor Space

Garden Design Ideas

Gardening may not be high on the list of most people’s priorities at this stage of life.

However, any outdoor space, however confined, is always an asset.

Balconies, small paved terraces and even windowsills provide an opportunity to connect with the natural world.

When you lead a busy life, perhaps much of it at work away from home, easy garden maintenance is essential.

Hard surfacing such as decking, paving, stone chips or gravel is more practical than grass which will need to be mown on a regular basis.

Let us know how planning you’re first home is going in the comments section below!

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