Gather Inspiration from These Global Interior Design Trends

There are so many unique cultures and exciting design trends in the world today.

We’ve taken a look at some of the most inspirational and finest Global Interior Design Trends.


Europe is known for its wealth and diverse amount of Interior Design history. Dating back to the 17th century, in the so-called Early Modern Century.


The Italians are immensely commit themselves to design.

Italian cities such as Milan and Turin are leading the way as the nation’s top architectural and industrial design capitals.

With the city of Milan hosting Fiera Milano, Europe’s largest Design Fair.italian-interior-designItaly is home to some of the world’s most famous designers and brands.

 They pride themselves on preserving the character of their older buildings, whilst introducing modern furniture to create a contemporary and rustic style mix.

Open plan living-kitchens are particularly popular in Italy. Not only do they make the space available seem much larger than it actually is. They also to create a place to relax and socialise in.


With a blend of styles from Sweden, Denmark and Norway, Scandinavian interiors have become an extremely popular design trend in the UK over recent years.

The long Winters in the Nordic countries results in little daylight, causing the need for bright and uncluttered home interiors.scandinavian-interior-designScandinavian design is characterised by simplicity, minimalism and functionality, which emerged in the early 20th century.

The 1990’s saw the popularity of Scandinavian styled interiors rise significantly, as British homeowners began seeking functional, yet beautifully elegant pieces for their home.

To successfully replicate Scandinavian interior, natural materials such as woods and pressed steel are essential. Keep the design as simple as possible with simplistic colours and layouts kept to a minimum.

Lighting is a pivotal element to this interior style. Simply adding a mood light to your home, with a simple floor or pendant lamp, will instantly begin to introduce the bright and warm feel of a Scandinavian home.


A traditional Russian interior is one of the most exquisite and luxurious interiors found in Europe.russian-interior-designThe most important element to a Russian interior is the colour scheme with luxurious colours of Red, Gold and Silver common in the Russian household.

A combination of Metallic and Wooden Furniture are essential with decorations, such as drapes, curtains and rugs used to express the luxury feel of a Russian home.

If money is no object, add the perfect finishing touch to your Russian interior with a chandelier.


To successfully replicate an Asian themed interior a great deal of care and precision throughout the process is essential.


Chinese Interiors gather their influence from thousands of years of history and culture.

Striking a fine balance between traditional Chinese culture and contemporary design is key to achieving this cultural style in your home.chinese-interior-designA basic principle of Chinese interior is simplicity, with appropriate placement of home décor essentials.

Bold colours of red and yellow are particularly popular in China.  Red is symbolised as the colour of joy and good fortune. Whilst yellow is considered the most prestigious colour of all, regarded as the colour of the five legendary emperors of ancient China.

To implement this beautiful style into your home, we recommend using wooden furniture to help achieve the calming atmosphere.

Combine the contemporary style and traditional culture with a modern sofa alongside a traditional Chinese symbol, such as a Dragon or Buddha.


Offering so many exciting possibilities, Indian Interior Designs are amongst the most exotic and complex interiors in the world.

Integrating a fresh modern appearance with their traditional rich heritage.indian-interior-designSimilar to Chinese interiors, wooden furniture is an important element to perfecting an Indian themed interior.

For an authentic look, add traditional wooden centrepieces with India’s signature curves.

India are fondly known for their symbolic colour schemes. Bright and exotic colours of yellow, brown and orange are found on the walls of Indian homes. Whilst more fluorescent colours of blue, pink and green are used for smaller home accessories such as pillow cases and rugs.

Install a large centrepiece painting to add that perfect finishing touch, with a vast array of wonderful artistic Indian styles currently available.

Latin America:

Latin America consists of nineteen sovereign states. Stretching from the Northern Mexican border, all the way down to the Southern tip of South America.

The bright pallets and upbeat patterns you imagine from this part of the world are exactly what you might expect from Latin American interiors.


Mexican styled homes are warm and welcoming, with a rich variety of vivid colours.

Taking inspiration from a combination of Spanish European Architecture and native tribal culture. Mexican décor is proving to be one of the most appealing interiors found in the world in 2018.mexican-interior-designStart creating your Mexican styled home with a selection of bold colours. Bright native tones of Red, Orange, Blue and Green are just some of the colours you can expect to be found in a Mexican home.

Adding hand painted tiles around the house will add that extra Mexican touch. Why not try implementing these in your kitchen or on your staircase.

Top off your Mexican interior with a native piece of Mexican art. The development of Mexican art roughly follows the history of Mexico, no more famous than the work of iconic Mexican artist Diego Rivera.


African interiors are often overlooked by the rest of the world.

Whilst it may not be the conscious choice, there are still a wide range of captivating prints, artefacts and designs that can capture the world’s imagination.

South African:

South African Décor have taken huge inspiration from nature.

Natural materials, colourful fabrics, exotic African patterns and traditional wood carvings are a must when taking inspiration from South African styles.south-african-interior-designLess is often more in South African interiors. Utilise the space you have available by implementing plenty of storage solutions, which will remove any unnecessary clutter.

Wooden flooring is an important aspect of the overall design. When combined with brightly painted walls, you are well on your way to replicating that unique South African style.

Warm colours of Yellow, Orange and Red tends to make the walls seem like they’re being filled with the warm African sunlight.

Add a native African piece where you deem necessary for that finishing touch.

Which Global Interior is inspiring your imagination?

Let us know in the comments section below.

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