Is Your Home Ready For The Winter Months?Winter

Many homeowners still think of the spring season as the time to tackle serious household cleaning projects. However, cleaning and otherwise readying home interiors before winter starts can have a significant impact on the comfort and safety of household residents.

At Kontenta, we’ve focused on ways you can ensure your home is ready for Winter with cleaning and energy saving tips that can make a big difference to them energy bills.


Caulking is both the process and material to seal joints in various structures and piping.caulkingNow is the time to check the caulking around your fixtures. Make sure there are no cracks or holes that allow the water to flow through.

Anyone can caulk a shower or a bath tub with the simple use of a tube of caulk and a caulking gun, available from any DIY retailer.

Improper caulking is a significant source of household water damage.

If you notice water seeping through, it’s important to act straight away.


Over a quarter of heat is lost through the roof in an uninsulated home.insulationMaking certain that attics are properly insulated will keep home heating costs from skyrocketing, while temperatures plummet in the cold Winter months.        .

You should also check your attic vents for obstructions so that increased use of central heating will not cause fires to occur.

A worthy investment, the loft insulation is effective for a minimum of 40 years!


As you’ll be spending more time indoors while the days grow shorter and colder, it is important to remove any harmful residue from your carpet.clean-carpetsWinter is an optimal time for cleaning carpets as doing so will remove any residual dirt, grime and potential allergens such as mould spores and pet dander.

Clean carpets can help reduce your risk of developing allergic reactions such as skin rashes and respiratory distress.

Install Thick Curtains

Thick curtains can help insulate your home due to the reduced amount of air exchange between the cold window and the rest of your room.thick-curtainsThe cold air filtering from the window becomes trapped behind the thick curtains which act as a conductor.

In general, most curtains are thick with an air barrier to block the flow through them.

When the sun begins to set, and the cold night draws in, we advise you to close your curtains to keep your room warm and cosy!

Roll Out a Rug

The natural wooden floors are currently a popular design trend, but they can also let heat escape.roll-out-a-rugAccording to the National Energy Foundation up to 10% of heat loss comes from uninsulated wooden floors.

During the cold winter months, we recommend rolling out a rug to prevent further heat escaping.

A warm rug provides extra insulation which covers the tiny gaps in the floorboards to ensure the heat lost through the floor is kept to a minimum.

Use Tin Foil

Another high percentage of heat loss comes from radiators attached to external walls. This is due to the heat radiating from the radiator escaping through the wall.tin-foil-radiatorHeat reflective aluminium foil placed behind the radiator can reduce the amount of heat.

The foil reflects the heat back into your room. This means the room will not only retain heat but also warm the room up quicker than normal.


As you can see, there are several tasks for you to accomplish over the Winter to not only keep you busy but also keep you warm.

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