Maximise Space in Every Room of Your Home

Living accommodations these days are becoming much smaller than they used to be.

However, that doesn’t stop us from buying more and more clothes, shoes and general clutter.

Various storage solutions have been designed to help the smaller homeowners maximise the space they have available.

Every room in your home has the potential to offer you added storage space.

Kitchen Solutions

If you are short on cupboard space in the kitchen, try hanging pots and pans off a wrack suspended from the ceiling.pans storageThis creates a lively feature as well as offering a practical element to your kitchen, meaning your utensils are easily to hand.

There are many bespoke designers that can offer you storage solutions in places you never thought were possible.

Freestanding shelves in cupboards will offer a lot more room than a normal cupboard making storage simple and easy whilst displaying all your crockery.

But you do not have to use an expensive designer. You can purchase beautiful purpose boxes that can sit on top of your kitchen cabinets.circus storage boxes

Bedroom Solutions

A child’s messy bedroom is every parent’s worst nightmare. Too many new toys at Christmas can lead to storage problems in a child’s small bedroom.

Under the bed is the classic storage solution in children’s rooms. However, this often leads to a large disorganised mess of old, dust collected, toys.

To counter this, why not have a go at making your own under bed storage boxes.under-bed-storageIf you’re throwing out an old dressing table or happen to have a drawer that you no longer need, this is an ideal opportunity for you to clear up your child’s bedroom.

All you need to do is add a coat of paint and some wheels and you’re all set!

However, DIY isn’t for everyone and if DIY isn’t your thing then why not treat your child to a new storage bed.ottoman-storageStorage beds are becomingly increasingly popular in bedrooms due to the demand for extra space.

Storage beds come in many different varieties with the ottoman storage bed leading the way as the most popular.

Home Office Solutions

Working from home can be tricky, most homeowners do not have a dedicated room they can simply turn into an office. Therefore, clever use of the space available is key.

A compact home office is the ideal choice for a small home.compact-officeCreating a compact home office still offers all the space of a normal office in the corner of a living room or bedroom.

A mixture of shelves, drawers and folders is ideal, storing away the files you need less frequently towards the top of your unit.

chest-deskThe top drawer opens out and extends to give a large enough surface area for a laptop, while showcasing a handy shelf with 4 small drawers.

You just need to think outside the box a little!

Let us know in the comments what storage ideas you have implemented into your home!

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