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The lighting in a room can often be blamed when the room seems dull, monotonous, and dreary. A few simple changes to this can drastically transform the room by highlighting key partsĀ  of the room such as photographs on a wall or table, emphasises colours, textures, and shapes, as well as also taking focus away from areas that need some extra work doing to them. We still need the lighting to be usable so that we are able to carry out activities that require sufficient lighting so that we can do the activity safely and easily.


Lighting also effects us on a psychological level as the correct shade and colour of light sends out signals of safety making us more relaxed and comfortable. It is important to plan your lighting as early as possible preferably when you are deciding on the layout of your room. As it is easy to arrange furniture so that it is dependent on the lighting such as certain colours could be put together, or a focal or key part of the room could be lit up. It is also important to consider which type of light you will need such as bright light which could be used for example at a work desk, accent lighting used to light up key areas of your room, and atmosphere lighting which affects the mood and tone of the room dramatically. Try to use a mixture of these types of light and light that is aimed in different directions, in essence it is like painting as you are mixing and blending light together to create a combined effect.

Kontenta Emily Chrome Hanging Lamp


Floor lamps are lights that are raised off the ground by a stand they are perfect for adding light to corners of rooms and next to reading chairs.

  • Table lamps are a great choice of lamp as they are often inexpensive in comparison to other lights, they are also great for using up space on tables and making the room look fuller, adding light to dark corners and for making the room appear more welcoming.
  • Desk lamps normally have a more precise shine of light that can be concentrated on a certain piece of work to help you work more efficiently.
  • Spotlights are perfect for that industrial look thanks to their movie prop look, they are best used for highlighting focal points of the room and for lighting up dark corners.
  • Pendant Lamps are often hung in the middle of the room creating a great centre piece and a real talking point. There are many different types of lamps that could be described as pendant lamps these range from chandeliers to modern circular fittings.
  • Lanterns are great sources of natural light as mostly they are used with a candle, they are often used on mantle pieces and side tables.
  • Industrial lamps are made from materials that you would not expect a normal light fitting to be made from, such as pipes or other materials you would find in a warehouse or factory. They are best suited to be used on a side table or desk.

Industrial Spotlight

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