Gather Inspiration From The Latest Interior Design Trends:

Spring, the season of rebirth, rejuvenation and resurrection. Making now the perfect time to freshen up your homes Interior, ready for the warmer months ahead.

We at Ice Interiors have taken a look at some of the Interior Design Trends that are inspiring us this spring.

Metallic Gold Finishes:

Metallic Finishes are continuing to be ‘the’ hot trend after becoming increasingly popular towards the back end of 2017.

Currently leading the way as the favoured finish this Spring is the Metallic finish of Gold.metallic-gold-anglepoiseWant to add a touch of gold to your homes interior? A Vintage Lighting Ornament is the best place to start.

This powerful design tool is capable of instantly changing the atmosphere of any room in your home, so why not give it a go!

Ice Cream Colours:

Set to be an emerging trend in both the fashion and interiors world, bright and refreshing “Ice Cream” colours of pink, light blue and sherbet yellow will be providing a fun theme for your those long dark winter months, the introduction of some fresh, subtle pastel tones will be a welcoming sight in any home.

Whether it’s a new cushion or a splash of paint to your living room walls, this trend is perfect for lightening up the atmosphere of your homes interior this spring.

 Dark Woods:

Dark Woods is another trend that is taking over the Interior Design World this spring.

Following on from the success of the much paler Scandinavian inspired wood trend of 2017, homes across the UK are now favouring darker woods in a resurgence to re-create retro glamour.dark-woods-bowood-range

A Touch of Tropical:

Continuing its success, Tropical Shades are still going strong in 2019, with the addition of even more exotic colours and patterns.

Rich shades of green and yellow are set to create striking appearances alongside the on-trend dark woods.tropical-interior-designIn a year where, monochrome colours of black and white are on their way out, tropical prints are beginning to takeover and dominate home interiors.

Large scale tropical prints are becoming ever increasingly popular in bedrooms this season, with bright tropical colours contributing to create a sunlit vibe.


Still embracing their continued success. Houseplants have become ever more increasingly popular since 2017. This 1970’s interior classic, will no doubt add to the tropical vibe that more homeowners have been adopting into their homes over the past year.houseplants-interior-designAs well as adding a touch of freshness to homes, houseplants are also known to support human health at home, in offices, schools and hospitals with a range of physical and mental benefits.

Houseplants have also been known to reduce stress, increase work productivity, reduce fatigue and promote better sleeping patterns.

We’d love to know what Interior Design Trends you’ve been implementing in your home this Spring.

Let us know in the comments section below!

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