Top 5 DIY Summer Ideas

With the Summer of 2018 forecast to be one of the hottest on record, why not display your creative side with our Top 5 DIY Summer Ideas!

DIY Pallet Patio Furniture:

Create a functional and eco-friendly focal point to your patio with your own DIY Pallet Furniture.

The unique pallet designs are not an easy task, but the benefits are positively’s an endless variety of DIY Pallet Patio designs, our favourite being this corner set from The Sassy Sparrow.

The corner bench and table combine to create a high quality and compelling design. Perfect for relaxing with the family during the warm Summer months.

The thick layer of dark coloured paint not only covers the imperfections but also gives the furniture an imposing luxury finish.

DIY Beer Cooler Table:

Don’t you just hate finishing your beer in the garden and having to walk all the way over to the fridge for a top up?

This unique DIY Beer Cooler Table may just bring an end to the struggle!diy-beer-cooler-tablePerfect to unwind on the long evening weekends, the DIY Beer Cooler Table is sure to create a degree of jealousy amongst guests this Summer.

An inspiring design from The Domesticated Engineer, this Cooler Table is highly anticipated to be a popular Design Trend in 2018.

DIY Wine Barrel Chairs:

Wine Barrels can be recycled and developed into a recognisably different design for your home.

Like the Pallet Patio Furniture, there are plenty of opportunities to express your creative side using the neglected cylindrical favourite design comes from Justin Levine with these DIY Wine Barrel Chairs.

A smart and pleasing addition to your home. The Wine Barrel Chairs will receive plenty of attention from guests, sparking friendly conversations about their unique composition.

DIY Upcycled Cinder Blocks and Timber Benches:

If you’re after a stylish new garden bench this Summer, then look no further.

This DIY Cinder Block Bench from Diply may just be the answer to your two significant building materials, the timber beams simply slot into the cavities of the cinder blocks.

Extremely versatile, the dimensions of your bench can be altered by simply adding more blocks or shortening the length of your timber beams with a hand saw.

DIY Houseplant Ladder Stand:

Every Summer interior needs an energising finishing touch. You can freshen up your home with your own DIY Houseplant Ladder Stand!

Houseplants are becoming increasingly popular in 2018. Not only can they reduce stress but they can also lower sound pollution and aid air Houseplant Ladder Stand will provide a great space-saving solution to your home, as well as creating a fascinating feature to display your organic ambience.

Build your own DIY Houseplant Ladder Stand with a tutorial here from ProFlowers.

Have we inspired you to create your own DIY Summer Furniture?

Let us know your favourite idea from our Top 5 in the comments section below!

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